Monday, September 3, 2012

Seen On The Morning Run

Anglican cemetery, Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland. Mountains in the background are typical of the landscape here in Gros Morne Ntl. Park.

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Location:Main St N,Rocky Harbour,Canada


Grenzer John said...

A question that's really none of my business... Is there any particular reason why you and the Mrs. chose to holiday in Newfoundland? The scenery is stunning and I'd like to see it myself.
Maybe I answered my own question there. In any event, enjoy it!

J Goreham-Penney said...

I saw two big scary raccoons on my run this morning- ran right past them as they scampered up a telephone pole! D: Was too busy running away to think to photograph them...

mad padre said...

Hello John:
Dunno, really. Newfoundland is one province we have never visited, and we've always enjoyed the Newfoundlanders we've met over the years. It is a beautiful place, with an exotic feel even though we are still in Canada.

Raccoons are something best kept at a distance. I would run the other way too. :)

Steven said...

Excellent Blog, Padre! I served in the US Army for 9 years and never once ran across a Chaplain as cool and interesting as yourself. Some units have all the luck!


mad padre said...

Thanks Paul:
You are very kind. I am much less interesting in real life. :)
Glad you found my blog - there's also the wargames blog at if you haven't found it as well.
What are you doing post Army?

Mad Padre

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