Thursday, November 25, 2010

Two Preacher's Blogs of Note

Who would have thought that Medicine Hat would have been chock full of blogging pastors? That is, if three counts as a "chock"?

Besides myself, I am happy today to link my blog to GENEralities, the blog of the Rev. Canon Gene Packwood, Rector of St. Barnabas Anglican Church in MedHat. St. B's is a happening place and it's where I'd be if I wasn't in my chapel each Sunday. Gene's blog is eclectic, ranging from technology to Anglican Church issues, and refreshingly evangelical in content. He's also a cool guy and has made some kind hat tips to MadPadre, to which we say thanks and Hooah!

A second discovery, just made today, is Dim Lamp, the blog of a Lutheran pastor, Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson. There's nothing Dim about Garth - his blog features some lovely and soul-feeding sermons and is something I'll be visiting regularly.


Gene Packwood said...

You're too kind. Thank you. What does M.A.D stand for?

mad padre said...

I honestly don't know what it stands for, Gene. I was in the training area at CFB Borden and saw that sign, it was so perfect I asked a friend to take that picture. But there was no obvious clue as to what the sign indicated or meant. Very military.

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