Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seen on the afternoon run

One of those iconic views of Vancouver. Ships ride at anchor in Burrard Bay off Stanley Park on a beautiful late November afternoon. Ran part of the Seawall with Padre friend Howard and stopped to get this shot.

As we were setting off from our hotel in False Creek, also noticed this chap on a weathervane. depicted in medieval garb reading a book and riding backwards on a horse. At first I thought it was a depiction of Chaucer, but in fact it is a reproduction of Rodney Graham's Erasmus Weathervane.


Alex said...

Hope Vancouver's treating you well.
Great pics, also like the Holy Joe!

Howard said...

Oh, I knew it was Erasmus all the time. I was just testing you.

mad padre said...

Hi Alex:
Vancouver was a good go. Out in Kitsalano during the days, lovely weather. Currently -20 in the Hat.

Oh Howard, you're so clever.

Mad Padre

Mad Padre
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