Saturday, November 13, 2010

Notable Quotable: Christy Blatchford on the Oprah-ization of Remembrance Day

I was glad to read Christie Blatchford in today's Globe and Mail on the syrupy kitsch that has been accruing lately around Remembrance Day. Here's a taste:

"I cannot help but imagine that as glad as [our soldiers] might be for civilian Canada’s current devotion to “supporting the troops" – if only because it is far less unpleasant than the dark days of the Canadian Forces when soldiers occasionally would be spit upon – they would have little stomach for the witless sappiness that has been in the air all week.

If corporate Canada really wanted to show its appreciation for soldiers, companies could hire more of them when they leave the army: All any soldier really learns is how to lead, how to care more for his fellows than he does for himself. Surely the world can use a little more of that.

And if you really must say thanks to a veteran, send him over a damn drink and shut up."


Gene Packwood said...

I really enjoyed her Fifteen Days. In a similar vein.

RoboTom said...

I was reminded of your post today as I drove by the other kind of vet's office, who had proudly displayed on their sign:

"Paws to remember"

Good puns are hard to find in general, but it was a bit of a head scratcher to try and see how they thought this was a good idea.



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