Thursday, February 6, 2014

Seen On The Midday Run

It’s been a tough winter for running outside.  Most days it’s either too snowy or too cold or both.  However, this Wednesday I got outside for a run and enjoyed the bright sun and the fresh air.  Treadmill running gets old after a short while.

This is Woodside, a National Historic Site and the childhood home  of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s longest-serving Prime Minister.  It looks like a interesting place.  I’d like to take a tour when it’s warmer.  

King was  an interesting character, with an interest in the occult and in using seances to speak to his mother and to previous prime ministers and pets.  He also claimed to see portents and omens in his shaving cream.  He bears a rather startling resemblance to yours truly, as you can see in this selfie I took last summer.  Note the same visionary, far seeing gazes and heroic miens.  



tradgardmastare said...

I've not heard of this chap before.He would make a good basis for a character/general in a wargames campaign.One could have great fun with such divination...

Colonel Scipio said...

Wow, what a site to run past on the morning jog! I love running in the snow, but I've only done it about three times here in the UK. Now, running in the rain on the other hand...

Grenzer John said...

"Note the same visionary, far seeing gazes and heroic miens."
...'cause you're both drunk.

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