Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Weird And Scary

On the heels of yesterday’s post on the strangeness of the Cold War, here’s an image from today’s Foreign Policy website that is replete with weirdness and scariness.



This image, from a July 2013 parade, shows North Korean special forces troops wearing chest packs with garish radiation symbols.  This may just be Nork posturing - the packs could just be dummies stuffed with old newspaper, as one commentator has suggested.  Or they may be man-carried dirty bombs, a resurfacing of old Cold War research on radiological warfare.   If I was one of these guys, and I was actually wearing a dirty bomb on my chest, I’m not sure I’d be grinning and waving inanely.


Francis Lee said...

I've just painted some of these guys but no dirty bombs, might have to get out the green stuff!

Thomas Nissvik said...

Au contraire, ny dear Padre, if I was part of a NK military parade, I'd be waving and smiling like you wouldn't believe!

Michael Peterson said...

Fran: I'd love to see those conversions - what special rules would you give for man-packed dirty bombs?
Thomas - very true, mate, very true. Like the penguins in Madagascar say, just smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave.

James said...

maybe those are their NBC suits?

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