Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011: My Year In Running

Today I had the chance to check my 2011 run results as kept by Nike Plus.

Quick summary:

Kilometres run: 784 (523 in 2010)
Kilometres per week: 16 (11 in 2010)
Average Pace: 6.50 per km (8'19' in 2010)
Calories Burned: 69,358 (44,491 in 2010)
Average runs per week: 3
Fastest run: 5.11 per km
Longest run: 21.45km

2012 goals:
I said I would run a full marathon before I turn fifty. That leaves me until 14 November to meet that goal.

Improve my pace

Get to an average of 4 runs per week

Not wreck my knees


Sidney Roundwood said...

Very best of luck, Mike. Getting back into running is one of the (non-New Year's Resolution) things I'd love to do this year.

Conrad Kinch said...

"Not to wreck my knees".

Easier said than done.

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