Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Military Picture of the Week

In keeping with the nautical theme of my last posting, I liked this picture from the British Ministry of Defence daily news feed and thought it worth putting up here. Portland looks like a model ship against the glacier. MP

HMS Portland has recently paid a reassurance visit to South Georgia, a remote UK territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean, where she came face-to-face with the remarkable size of the Nordenskjold Glacier. South Georgia is a pristine natural reserve where the first shots of the Falklands War were fired in 1982. The island was formerly used as a base for a number of whaling stations until the industry's demise in the 1960s. HMS Portland is currently deployed for seven months on Atlantic Patrol Task (South) where she will reassure UK overseas territories and commonwealth and other friendly nations. See this and more Defence images on our Flickr channel. [Picture: Leading Airman (Photographer) Ian Simpson, Crown Copyright/MOD 2010]


LJ Brackenbury said...

wow - that is an amazing photograph... ah, location, location, location... <3

J Goreham-Penney said...

I'm sure it's real but it's so breathtaking it looks like a Photoshop!

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