Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busiest Month Yet for Mad Padre

If there's a fringe benefit to being stuck on course at CFB Borden without a car, it's that I had a lot of time to work on this blog. October 2009 was my most prolific month since I started Mad Padre in 2007. This blog began as a way tocommunicate with friends and family about work, military service, and hobby activities. The hobby activities have been spun off to my other blog,, and the focus of this blog has gotten a little more serious. I hope to continue the blog's main focus on military chaplaincy, spirituality, ethics, military news and to throw in some fun stuff on occasion.

A friend asked me if I track hits here. I don't. I know that people read it, and last month the few visitors who actually posted (I wish more of you would) were strangers from all over, including a Military Policeman from Brazil (he showed up just after I read Jon Lee Anderson's harrowing article "Gangs of Rio" in the New Yorker - MP dude, I hope you're safe).

So if you're reading this, my thanks for visiting my little labour of love. Cheers and blessings,


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jgoreham said...

I wish more of your readers posted comments too, I think your blog highlights some interesting topics of discussion and I'd like to see them taken farther :)

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