Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Night With Ensemble Polaris

What do a hurdy gurdy, a bass clarinet, a set of bagpipes, and Norwegian lyrics add up to? A rocking good time is the answer, as I discovered this weekend when I discovered Ensemble Polaris. The concert was one of the offerings of the Evergreen Theatre, one of the cultural treasures of the Annapolis Valley. Normally the Evergreen concerts are held in their wonderful hall at East Margaretsville on North Mountain, but this won was held at the old Trinity Anglican Church in Middleton. Old Trinity it the only unaltered church in Nova Scotia built by United Empire Loyalists - the first service there was 1791.

The old church was a suitable setting for music that, in some cases goes back to early Norse myths and legends (though a lot of the set list was original stuff). I could certainly understand why they bill themselves as "Canada's premiere Arctic Fusion Band".

You can listen to some of EP's music here. Ensemble Polaris definitely rates a tip of the padre's beret - go see them if you get the chance!

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