Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Falklands War Hero Is Remembered

(From a British MOD History and Honour News Release, 11 August, 2009)

Members of the Second Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment (also known as the Green Howards), a British Army regiment, travelled to the Falklands Islands to remember one of their own who fell there 27 years ago. Captain John Hamilton was killed in action at the West Falkland village of Port Howard on 10 June, 1982. Before he was killed he had already been awarded the Military Cross for bravery in action during the Falklands campaign, including surviving two helicopter crashes.

Three members of his former regiment, as well as a British military chaplain, dedicated a plaque to his memory and conducted a short service of dedication.

The plaque dedicated to Captain Hamilton:

A British military padre (with the Air Force, judging by his beret and the Air Force crest on his black scarf) conducts the dedication service:

Read the whole article here.

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