Friday, May 22, 2009

‘Her War’ Podcast Aims to Help Military Wives

A whole week's gone by since I posted last. It's been a very busy week, what with some busy cases at work, some cycling, and some volunteer hours. This Wednesday the Snowbirds, the Canadian Forces acrobatic team, came to CFB Greenwood, and I had some chances to see them while working in the food tent for the Lions Club. Folks from as far away as Halifax came - not surprising as this was a free airshow.

Anyway, I caught this piece on the US Defence web news daily digest and found it worth repeating. Melissa Seligman is a thoughtful person and does a fine job of articulating the lonely challenges of the military spouse. MP+

‘Her War’ Podcast Aims to Help Military Wives
By Sharon Foster
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, May 20, 2009 – When Melissa Seligman’s husband left for his second deployment to Iraq, she knew all too well what was expected of her.

“I was expected to be the nice, caring, understanding military wife and mom,” Seligman said. “No military wife wants to admit that she is hurt -- and sometimes angry and very fearful -- of being alone when her husband is deployed, … sometimes for the second or third time. It’s very hard. The guilt we feel from these natural emotions often keeps us silent.”

Read the complete article.

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