Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Changes to Mad Padre

Maintaining a blog is a labour of love, and it's been a surprise to me that I've found the energy to continue this project over two busy years. Despite the lack of reader response, I know that folks read it, no doubt for different reasons. Indeed, my own reasons for continuing the blog have changed. At first it was a light-hearted attempt to provide a snapshot of my life and interests for some like-minded friends during a time of transition.

However, over the last six months, a serious tone has arisen from my growing interest in the intersection of military news, ethics, and spirituality that is at the heart of my work as a military chaplain. I intend to continue this focus here at, within the context of my own career and ministry, interspersing items of interest to me with my own sermons, reviews, and some personal items.

For those readers primarily interested, like me, in miniature wargames, toy soldiers, and painting miniatures, I've created a second blogspot site, called, predictably, MMdPadreWargames. The new site is live and will be added to / edited over time. Those of you who kindly follow this blog please take note, and hopefully you'll check both sites from time to time.



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Adelaide Brown said...

Good for you!

I find your posts on the military to be thoughtful and balanced.

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