Wednesday, April 22, 2009

US Military Health Issues and Health Care Roundup

The other day I subscribed to some news feeds from the Pentagon website. A bit like drinking from a firehose but many items that are apropos to my trade.

Here's an interview with Col. James Rice, the director of the US military's Army Wounded Warrior (AWW)program, as he discusses the launch of AWW affiliates, organizations willing to help wounded ex-military continue their lives with education or employment. In the interview he praises the Raytheon corporation for being willing to work with wounded veterans with severe cognitive and psychological deficits - some proof that the military industrial complex can do the right thing. See the interview here (PDF transcript or a scratchy MP3 file). Also heartening is Rice's statement that the US military will not set a timeline for the care of wounded ex-members, but will work with them and for them "for as long as it takes".

This video profile of Dr. Maria Mouratidis, a neuropsychologist and traumatic brain injury expert at National Naval Medical Center, is inspiring. Her emphasis on listening and hope offer food for thought for chaplains as well as for doctors. See the video here.

Finally, in this brief statement, Admiral Mullen, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, address the problem of suicide in the US military. See the video here. It was recently announced, though I don't have the source to hand, that the number of suicides this year exceeded fatal casualties in Iraq for the US military. This represents both the slowing of the operational tempo in Iraq and the seriousness of this problem.

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