Monday, April 27, 2009

Going to Church in Wisconsin Can Be Dangerous

This story from the Chicago Sun-Times from Friday, April 24 is certified Mad Padre worthy. I'm not sure what's scariest in this story, but I'm pretty sure my homiletics instructor at seminary didn't recommend using actual weapons as sermon illustrations:

SHEBOYGAN FALLS, Wis. -- The Sheboygan Falls pastor recently cited for a bow and arrow demonstration in church is now charged with carrying a concealed weapon into a police station.

A criminal complaint says the Rev. John Putnam came to the Sheboygan Falls Police Department to answer questions about a suicidal parishioner. An officer says Putnam was wearing body armor and a police-style jacket and had a handgun concealed in the jacket.

Putnam was given the body armor by the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department, where he's the chaplain. The 30-year-old pastor of Pentecostals of Sheboygan County has pleaded not guilty to carrying a concealed weapon.

Putnam was cited in March for having a parishioner fire an arrow across the front of church as part of a sermon exhibition. AP

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