Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Concept in Wargaming - Edible Minis

My son and I did some preliminary research and here`s an executive summary of our groundbreaking idea on edibile minis gaming.

1) Buy some gummy green army men at the local store (here in Canada we found them in the candy section of a store called Bulk Barn).

2) Fight a battle using whatever rules set you like - we used our house rules, Two Minute Wargames, because we were hungry.

3) Eat the gummy army men.


1) no painting or basing required
2) easy storage (a plastic bag before, your tummy afterwards
3) green gummy army men are appropriate for most periods from 1940 on


1) Limited variety and flavours of green gummy army men available
2) Opponent is tempted to eat your troops while your not looking
3) Scale and accuracy of the minis is a bit dodgy

Enjoy this brilliant idea, thanks to my son John and I!



Adelaide Brown said...

This is hilarious! I could get into this type of Wargaming.

MedStudentWife said...

"aaargggg... Sarg....I'm being...gurgggle... eaten....."

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