Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Week's Caption Contest

Click on the picture to see the full image. I don't know why blogspot is cutting off the right hand side of the pictures I post.

The picture for this week's caption contest comes via my friend Martin.

Here are the captions submitted thus far:

"The World of Warcraft Convention swimming outing turned into a panic when someone spotted a girl."

"Last on in gets to hot tub with Richard Simmons!"

"FIRST one in gets to hot tub with Richard Simmons!"

"Cold water increases sperm count. Yet another great big kick in the face for natural selection"

Hey dummies! I said I dropped a Rolaids, not a Rolex!

"At this point, Tom began to wish that he'd spent more on airfare to do the Hawaii Ironman."

Feel free to add your own, or to vote for one of these. Results announced next Wednesday.

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