Saturday, November 22, 2008

American Civil War Meets Jurassic Park

This little gem came to me via the twisted minds and English humour of the chaps from the Too Fat Lardies mailing list. I've been to Virginia several times on Civil War reenacting trips, but I've never seen this little attraction before:

The attraction, called “Professor Cline’s Dinosaur Kingdom,” imagines a lost chapter from Civil War history. It supposes that in 1863, a group of paleontologists inadvertently stumbled upon a valley of live dinosaurs. The discovery comes to the attention of the Union Army, who, recognizing the destructive power of the giant lizards, decide to capture them and unleash them on the Confederate Army.

I haven't done reenacting for some years, but if I go again, I think I may try going as a stegosaurus.


Robotom said...

Is this a real place?? (please say it is...) It would be a near ideal inersection of my interests and my kids.
I predict a road trip in the making.

mad padre said...

It's true, Robotom, this place is real. I forgot to add the link to my original post - it's here at

- the designer is also working on something called Foamhenge, so you have a few options for that road trip. :)

Mad Padre

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