Monday, January 25, 2016

Three Journalists Reflect On Covering Today's Wars

This interview between War on the Rocks' editor Ryan Evans and three working journalists - Nancy Yousseff, David Wood and Paul Shinkman is well worth listening to.

The three discuss the difficulties journalists face in covering wars today, their profound admiraton and even love of military personnel and the need to be objective, and the increasing lack of news organizations in covering defense issues. Those in uniform tasked with working with the media and civilians interested in healthy deomcracy will all get something from this conversation.

It's all good stuff, but about half way through the discussion, when they discuss moral and physical injury and the human cost of war, it gets riveting.  You realize that these are three people who care deeply about their work and its importance. 

Some of David Wood's other work on severely wounded veterans, a subject he obviously cares for deeply, can be found here.

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Conrad Kinch said...

Thank you very much for that Mike. I'll add to it to the "to be listened" pile.

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