Thursday, June 25, 2015

Military Picture of the Week

Today’s MilPic courtesy of Foreign Policy’s photos of the week feature.  The caption reads "German soldiers during NATO military exercises near Zagan, Poland, June 18.”  The beard is epic.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this man is a senior NCO, he certainly has the expression of one.


 Coincidentally, the New York Times ran a piece two days ago with photos of US, British and Lithuanian forces training together in the Baltics which was quite interesting.


Howard Rittenhouse said...

He's an "oberstabsgefreiter" a rank roughly equivalent to corporal in the CA (or an OR-4a in NATO designation since the Germans have two ranks levels at the OR-4 level).

Michael Peterson said...

Thanks Howard. Good to see you here.

Thomas Nissvik said...

I give you Tactical Beards, Viking style:

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