Monday, April 7, 2014

Military Picture Of The Week

This picture was taken on Saturday, September 11, 2011, near Kandahar, Afghanistan by the German journalist and photographer, Anja Niedringhaus, who was killed recently while covering the election in Afghanistan.  The caption for this photo reads “An Afghan boy on a donkey reacts as Canadian soldiers with the 1st RCR Battle Group, The Royal Canadian Regiment, patrol in Salavat, southwest of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

A retrospective of Anja Niedringhaus’ Afghanistan photographs was recently posted on the Atlantic Magazine website here.


Thomas Nissvik said...

Small but important typo:the photo is dated 2010, not 2001.

Strange and sad thing about the internet: Anjas website is still not updated. Probably because she used to do it herself.

Michael Peterson said...

Thanks Thomas, good catch.
I noticed the same thing about her website, it was rather eerie. She was a great photojournalist, and by all accounts was quite fearless.
I wish I knew what that Afghan kid in that photo has on his head.

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