Friday, October 4, 2013

Military Picture Of The Week

 In continuing this rather irregular feature of a fitfully published blog, I chose this picture because I think priests and tanks look funny together, and I challenge you to prove me wrong on that one.

This photo was taken at the Russian Arms Expo last month in the Urals, as covered in a recent feature published here on Foreign Policy.  The FP commentary wondered what these chaps were doing hanging out in the tank park - I'm guessing they may be Russian Army chaplains, but I'll defer to someone with more knowledge on that score.


Sidney Roundwood said...

Is the gentleman on the left carrying an umbrella, Mike? Have you ever been called on to bless a tank? Possibly its not a daily occurrence ... !

Michael Peterson said...

I think the chap on the left is holding a cell phone. I have never been asked to bless a tank. I'm not sure theologically that I would, but I would bless the crew.

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