Thursday, November 22, 2012

Military Picture Of The Week

Milpic of last week, actually. I was lucky enough to attend a Land Forces Western Area chaplains' conference last week and our boss was generous enough to choose the Royal Canadian Navy Base in Esquimalt, BC, as our venue. This was especially kind of him because Esquimalt is in lovely and mild Victoria, whereas the Army bases in Western Canada (Edmonton, Shilo, Suffield) are all cold and dreary places in winter. On our last day a number of us had a chance to tour the frigate HMCS Vancouver, which is about to go into refit. This photo was taken from her stern, looking across the harbour. The big ship is one of the RCN's two fleet supply and replenishing ships, Provider, I think, looking very spry for her 40+ years. Can't tell you which ships the others are. It would be a good go, being a Navy chaplain, I think.

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Anibal Invictus said...

Nice photo as always. I have nominated your two blogs for a Liebster blog award, one of this blog things that have gone viral over the past days

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