Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hugging Missiles And Not Going Wibble

Stephen Moss of the UK's The Guardian spent a month aboard a Royal Navy submarine recently, and offers an engaging and well-written portrait of life on a modern submarine.


styler said...

Very nice. "Bombers" are called Boomers in my Navy. I started watching Hunt for Red October with my eldest son and felt a bit nostalgic. Although fiction, I let him know that much the stuff in the book and movie was stuff we weren't allowed to admit happened or existed. In many ways I have more advanced resources in my house than was on board anything back then. Such is effect of time.

I was with Sonarmen and Torpedomen at one of my duty stations and heard not a few Cold War stories from them. I wonder if modern crews go through similar antics with their potential combatants.

mad padre said...

Hello Steve:

When we finally meet up again I'd enjoy hearing more of your Navy stories. I read a piece on one of the RN's destroyers which had been mothballed directly after the Falklands War. It was a perfect time capsule of 1982 technology. The journalist made the same point, that it looked quite ancient by what he had in his huse, but was very effective in its day.
I've heard some Cold War stories from the ASW side of things from the ex Air Force guys in my last Lions club. They were quite fascinating. When I Was w the Air Force on the East Coast in 2009' two Russian Akulas passed close up the eastern seaboard. There was much tense running around at e time, and talk afterwards of how some cold war skills had been lost.

Mad Padre

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