Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seen On The Afternoon Runs

There is something comforting about running alongside a river. The play of light along the water provides visual interest, while the sense of flow and movement of the river encourages my own sometimes flagging efforts.

This week I'm in Cornwall, in the far eastern corner of Ontario, attending a conference. I've had the chance to run the seaway trails along one of Canada's iconic rivers, the St. Lawrence.

When I got here on Sunday it was pretty grim and threatening weather, and I grabbed a window of rare sunshine, half expecting to get rained on. That's New York state in the distance.

Here's the river yesterday, on a gloriously clear day, with a barge moving even more slowly than me.

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styler said...

Go figure you get to visit this part of the world now. We had warmer weather in March.

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