Thursday, May 24, 2012

Military Picture of the Week

With a heart full of (typically understated and modest, self-effacing) Canadian pride, I offer this week's milpic, courtesy of the UK MOD news feed.
A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (left) and his Household Cavalry counterpart pass on Horse Guards Parade, London. [Picture: Trooper Mark Larner, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012]

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were invited to replace the Queen's Life Guard of the Household Cavalry Regiment (HCR) at Buckingham Palace yesterday, 23 May. It is the first to date that this duty has been performed by a foreign unit. The only other British unit to mount The Queen's Life Guard is The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery. More here.

Coincidentally, members of the HCR, considerably less resplendent than in the above picture, are currently here at Suffield participating in British Army training.


Colonel_Scipio said...

I happened to be in Whitehall this week and did a double-take walking past Horse Guards... have to say they looked dashed smart and a nice bilateral gesture for Jubilee Year. Asked around work and apparently the Household Cav's RCM flew out to Canada with a plane full of horses to practice. I looked around for Gilles Pelletier but he wasn't around ...

Conrad Kinch said...

There are no words to describe how amazing it must be to have a police force where being issued a sword is an option.

I can't tell if that's a 1908 or a 1912 pattern, but I want one...

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