Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tactical Ministry in Kabul

Captain the Reverend Howard Rittenhouse, Padre of the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, and Task Force Chaplain of the Canadian Contribution to the Training Mission in Afghanistan, adds a black liturgical scarf to his normal dress of arid-pattern CADPAT in preparation to conduct a service.
Photo : MCpl Rory Wilson

My padre buddy Howard is featured in a piece in the CF Land Forces Western Area newspaper, Western Sentinel, profiling his ministry in Kabul. The story is carried on the CEFCOM website here. The work described in this article is typical of what a good chaplain does and what a chaplain can offer to deployed troops. Howard is just finishing a rotation with the Afghan training mission. Hard times over there for NATO troops right now. Spare a prayer and a thought for the folks there and for the next batch to go over, including another padre friend of mine.

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Thomas Nissvik said...

The caption for that pic should be "I kick arse for the Lord!"

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