Thursday, September 29, 2011

New On My Tablet Christmas Wish List

I've been considering getting an Ipad this Christmas, partly because I'm tired of trying to find print copies of The New Yorker in the small town where I live and getting it on a tablet seems attractive.

This piece in today's Globe and Mail on the new Kindle Fire tablet is intriguing. For half the price of the Ipad, if I can get a bigger screen than my iphone to read ebooks AND get the New Yorker, hmmmmm.

Oh, and it supports Plants Vs Zombies! Bonus!

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jcanuck said...

I am going to wait for the new iPad 3 coming out in the Spring of 2012 before I make my decision. This year I got the Kindle for Christmas. The best thing about it, if you want a book is that it's there in seconds. Looking up a reference is easy and when you are travelling it saves so much on space. No need to carry around a dozen books, the Kindle is just fine. Rather nice for deployments too.

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