Thursday, February 24, 2011

Like Twitter for Runners

Social media now wants to help couch poatoes who aspire to be athletes. For about a year now I've been part of the Nikeplus online running community, which is pretty cool but restricted to those who use a Nike running gadget to log their training online.

Today I was reading The Globe and Mail online and Amberly McAteer, editor and newbie runner, mentioned a more broadbased site, a kind of Twitter for people who want to log their workouts and share them. The site is, with tie-ins to Facebook and Twitter.

If you're not afraid to put it all out there and you want the encouragement (or pity, or scorn) of a bunch of strangers, it may be the site for you.

I've signed up to see how it works, and I've added a Daily Mile run counter to this blog. If I've set it up correctly, you can find me here. Useful motivation to keep myself running, or is it a case of "vanity saith the preacher"?

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J Goreham-Penney said...

I loved Nike+, but my dongle that goes into my iPod Nano (1st gen) doesn't seem to work anymore :( I'd like one of the sportbands so I can keep Nike+ing, I really drag my heels on fitness logging. Another gadget that has a social media component I'd like to try is fitbit (, some dance friends of mine use it and it also looks like a good toy.

I think tools like Log Your Run and Daily Mile are great because it makes you accountable to somebody (even if that somebody is an anonymous bunch of people online on a website). I loved participating in running club activities, but when I moved, it was hard for me to get to the trail they run on (I don't have a car, I'm not good enough of a runner to get myself there on foot AND do the long run on the trail AND then get back- the bus doesn't go the whole way out to the start of the trail). While I was still running, Log Your Run was my new running club (I've since become injured and had to go on running hiatus- I think when it gets warm again I'm going to have another crack at it, at shorter distances). Maybe vanity is a bit to do with it for some people, but if you do something like go for long runs on a regular basis, why shouldn't you be proud of your times/distances and share it with the world? I think it's great to have pride in our activities and accomplishments.

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