Tuesday, September 29, 2009

US Army Sergeant-Major offers God and coffee to troops

Face of Defense: Soldier Serves up Counsel, Coffee
By Army Pfc. J. Princeville Lawrence
Special to American Forces Press Service

CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE ADDER, Iraq, Sept. 25, 2009 – Army Sgt. Maj. Virginia Stickler enjoys serving up drinks and snacks, as well as a bit of advice, to her fellow soldiers here at a coffee shop that speaks volumes about her deployment.

Army Sgt. Maj. Virginia Stickler, a member of the Kansas National Guard’s 287th Sustainment Brigade, is the manager of God’s Grounds, a coffee shop on Contingency Operating Base Adder, Iraq, that serves free drinks, snacks and movies -- as well as advice -- for soldiers. U.S. Army photo by Pfc. J. Princeville Lawrence

God’s Grounds is next to the chapel in an area of repose and comfort that soldiers come to for more than just a cup of coffee.

Stickler, a California native serving with the Kansas National Guard’s 287th Sustainment Brigade, is the manager, and is more than happy to serve up espressos, slurpees, honey buns and muffins. There is a refrigerator full of drinks and shelves of snacks courtesy of the chaplains, people back home and Army supply. This is a place where folks kick back on the couch, munch on a snack and watch a movie. The best part is, it’s all free.

And for those in need of some guidance, that’s free too.

“A number of soldiers come here, and they’re stressed and they’re away from their families, away from their support systems and they come here to kind of talk and ventilate, and I’m able to listen,” Stickler said.

For many soldiers, God’s Grounds is a source of help in troubled times. Soldiers can talk to people like Stickler, who draws from a lifetime of experience in helping people. She has two master’s degrees, a doctorate and experience as both a drug and alcohol counselor and a marriage counselor.

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furniture in Toronto said...

Hi. Great that there is person like Army Sgt. Maj. Virginia Stickler. I've never been to army but I were far away from home long time in foreign country during my studies. The feeling that you can't be with your family or friends is terrible. And when you have no one to speak it can lead to psychical problems. That is why I appreciate her effort.

Good luck,

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