Thursday, December 18, 2008

Robot Roundup

A lot's happened in the last week or so, including finishing my chaplain's basic officer training course, and I'll get to it in due course. Before I do, though, I can't resist revisiting the robot theme from my last post, a buddy sent me this link from the Globe and Mail, about an unemployed engineer who is building Aiko, a robotic girlfriend. I think we're a ways away from Bladerunner here, but it's kind of creepy watching her. I'm a little puzzled why he would program Aiko to say things like "Don't touch my face with your dirty hands". Perhaps it's because the inventor, Trun Lee, doesn't want his creation to be seen as a sex toy and is denying that she's his girlfriend.

I confess that if I were programming Aiko, I'd want her to say things like "That's ok, honey, you stay late at the Mess with your friends".

Continuing the robotic theme, I hope that Aiko and her like are well treated in the future (as opposed to the present). Otherwise, we risk suffering from the apocalyptic revenge of the robots as prophesied by the Flight of the Conchords.

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