Monday, October 13, 2008

Life in Borden

The blog has been quiet lately because I've been offline in CFB Borden taking my Basic Officer Training Course at the CF Chaplain's School and Centre. Today it's turkey day and I am finishing my leave at home. Enough time to upload a few silly pictures. You can see a larger picture by clicking on any of the images below.

With my boss, Major Art Crawley, and my fellow candidate, Gordon Poley, at CFB Greenwood before setting off on Sept. 9.

Me shortly after arrival, sporting the course standard hair cut - in military terms, a "3 and 1":

Course mates taking First Aid training seriously.

Puppy pile, taking advantage of a rest period in the field. I'm in here somewhere:

Looking dubiously at our new surroundings:

Me with my shelter half tent, or "hootchie", showing the artistic design dubbed "The Luge" by my section mates:

My section after winning a stalking and concealment exercise in our first field portion. The objective was to cam ourselves up and try to get a power bar placed on a hilltop without the Directing Staff seeing us. Since the DS are all commando and sniper qualified, the chances of us surprising them were slim, but they were good sports and gave us a chance. I'm the happy guy holding the power bar.

That's all that time permits. I'll try to add more as time permits, hopefully before my course ends in December. Pray for me. Blessings, all!



Adelaide Brown said...

Nice camo! We're doing pretty similar things here. You and I will have to stage a capture the flag game next time we hang out.

styler said...

Green is becoming on you. It has also been the current liturgical season color, IIRC. Do you have a camo stole?

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