Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Home Sale With Divine Intervention

Just before the end of August, we got word from our realtor that we had an offer on our home in London, our much beloved house at 11 Crabtree Avenue. This call came as welcome news since we had not received one offer since listing the house on June 4th. Did we owe anything to divine intervention? Before we left for Nova Scotia, our friend, Judy Reber McLaughlin, had buried a statue of St. Joseph upside down on our front lawn. I was not aware of this custom, but Judy assured us that the saint would take an active role in our home sale. Apparently it is a common devotional practice.
We were very pleased to get this digital picture, emailed to us by our realtor, Peter Piazza:

A few days after that, we got this email from St. Joe, courtesy of Judy:

Good morning, Kay and Michael,

Judy is writing this for me as it is hard for me to figure out these new fangled ways of communicating. I hope all is going well for you and that you are settling into your new home in Nova Scotia.

I arrived [home] yesterday after Judy stopped at the house on Crabtree.
I have to say she was excited to see the "Sold" sign in the yard. Judy was a little timid about digging me up, so she rang the doorbell first to see if anyone was there. When she saw the realtor's lock box on the door knob, she knew it was safe.

Luckily, Kay, Judy remembered you placing a small piece of bark on the spot where you buried me and she was able to extract me quickly. I must admit that I was a little muddy, but in good shape all the way 'round. Soon I will be washed up and sitting on the little altar Judy has in her office.

So glad I could help out, and don't worry about my commission. Just offer it up in prayers and
service, and you can remember me on my feast day: 19 March.



So thanks Joe and Judy, we owe you guys!

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