Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cycling the Valley

One of the perks of being stranded here in Greenwood this week, while Kay is home preparing for our move (she has the hard job) is having time to tool around this part of the Annapolis Valley on Big Blue, my Canadian Tire $300 special. It's been a while since I cycled 35 miles in one day, but last Saturday was a superb day for an outing, and it was an excuse to eat ice cream along the way. Here's some shots of my trip.

Remember to click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

Nictaux Falls, not far from base camp, the Falcourt Inn:

Highway 10, the route south from Nictaux Falls, was a long climb up, but as I moved out of the valley there were some superb views, which the camera doesn't really do justice to:

One of the Valley's many Baptist churches, at Torbrook Mines - by far the most prominent denomination in these parts as far as I can tell.

I'm fairly certain this guy is not a native Nova Scotian:

Live music at Kingston's biggest annual event, the SteerBQ - I had images of a big cow on a spit (the original steer was cooked in a pit of coals years ago) but all I saw was a big collection of cookers at the fair grounds. I was too hot and sweaty to try the meat, but a home made vanilla milkshake hit the spot.

The Bayard Road bridge over the Annapolis River, around 6pm. There's something about the smell when you stand on one of these bridges, the creosote and sun-warmed wooden timbers mixing with the woods and the slight swampy scent of the slow moving water that all in all just smells like summer.

Sun, ice cream, breathtaking views, good live music, strange critters - not the Tour de France but a good day nevertheless.


styler said...

Regular baptists or seventh day?

mad padre said...

Steve - United Baptist is the most prominent denomination around these aparts.

Denominational affiliation seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. The church growth gurus all recommend ditching the denominational branding, which apparently brings with it old and bad church baggage such as dogmas, scandals, intolerance, and institutional superstructures in favour of "one-off" church identities which are presumably more attractive to seekers. Case in point - when I was back in London, ON, last week, I noticed that one of the larger baptist churches there, Wortley Road Baptist Church, now sports a sign saying simply "Hillside Church".

Mad Padre

Mad Padre
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