Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Hard Times, the Truck Stop Offers a Place to Pray

From the New York Times. I've travelled through Breezewood, PA, on the way to other places. I never thought much about the spiritual needs of the long-haul truckers who pass through here or other truck stops.June 18, 2008

More than six million souls pass through this quarter-mile strip of all-night waffle houses and gas stations each year. The Rev. Shannon Rust hopes to save at least a few of them.

For nearly two decades, he has pulled the chapel inside his 18-wheel tractor-trailer twice a week to this bustling truck stop where the Pennsylvania Turnpike meets Interstate 70.

To most people, this place between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg is neither here nor there. It is a tank of gas, a bathroom break and a coffee refill. But to Mr. Rust, the diesel-soaked lot alongside the All-American Petro is a parish ideal for preaching to the traveling masses about life’s ultimate arrival.

Read the whole article and don't miss the video.

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