Saturday, March 8, 2008

Civil War Reeneactors To Reinforce Troops In Iraq

Thanks to my friend Raivo for sending me this link from the I'm allowed to laugh because I've been (and still am, I guess) a civil war reenactor, which ranks slightly lower on the scale of attractiveness to women than being a miniature wargamer.

For proof of this assertion, I offer as evidence a photo that another friend took recently while at Gettysburg. Apparently some sort of reenactor appreciation day was happening and these fellows kindly offered to pose for the camera.

I suppose it would be worse if these fellows were wearing "Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler European Tour, 1939-1945" T shirts, eating Doritos, and debating who makes the most kick-ass 20mm King Tiger tank. Or maybe if they were Waffen SS reenactors at a wargaming convention, crammed into XXXL Oak Leave camo smocks, eating Doritos. Send 'em to Iraq, I say.


tim said...

REally?! Reenactors are LOWER on the scale?! I would have thought women might think that at least reenactors are at least "outdoorsy". Some might even know how to iron pants and stuff...

Miniature gamers... well... let's face it we - as one gaming aquaintence's wife once put it - "play with dolls".

mad padre said...

"Outdoorsy" works on several scales in reenacting. The lowest scale is of course to drive your SUV up to the campsite at 2am (while the hardcores are trying to sleep on the ground in the bedrolls), unload enough canvas to propel HMS Victory into battle, and hammer in hundreds of iron tentpegs using the SUV's headlights for illumination. Extra marks for the portable generator. So outdoorsy as in fieldcraft is not always a given.
It's probably a toss-up for which group has the worst body odour, however. :)

Mad Padre

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