Monday, February 11, 2008

The Road to Ottawa: Inscrutability Five K

It's been ruddy cold these last few days. The weather talked about -10C, -20C with the windchill. However it was gorgeously sunny today here in London, ON, with none of the frightful wind of Sunday, and that helped me decide to get a late afternoon run in. I did however make a point of bundling on, wearing five layers on my torso plus some of the items of winter kit issued to me by Her Majesty.

Kay was taken with the final look, which she pronounced "quite inscrutable", hence the name for today's run.

And comfortably bundled up and ready to go:

Managed to do the 5.1k circuit around the neighbourhood in 31m6s even though I felt slow as a tortise at times as I picked my way through patches of ice. My goal for my shorter runs is to break the Running Room induced habit of run ten, walk one. The one minute walk break is just too tempting and I slow down too much during that minute. I've heard John Stanton say the minute walk break needs to be fast, but I can't keep it fast. Today I managed to do the 5k route without stopping once, and that felt like an accomplishment.

No real troubles with the cold, except the exposed skin around my mouth and my tush felt a little chilly towards the end. Those Running Room fleece gloves are lovely on days like this.

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