Saturday, August 3, 2013

Seen On The Morning Run

A short four km run this morning from the door of the Fort Garry Hotel in downtown Winnipeg took me through the Forks area, across the Assiniboine and Red rivers briefly into the old Ste. Boniface neighbourhood, and then back. Running early in the morning after a fabulous feast of East Indian food probably wasn't the smartest idea ever.

Part of a sculpture garden in The Forks - spider on a stick?

I wasn't able to make out the identity of this building (please help me out if you know Winnipeg) but I liked it.

The RC Cathedral in Ste. Boniface.

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Location:Winnipeg, MB

Friday, August 2, 2013

Seen On The Morning Run

While running in the Lakeview Drive neighbourhood of Regina, SK, this morning, I noticed this iron sculpture, a weathervane with three Canada geese, gracing a lawn. Quite lovely.

While on the subject of running, I have to say that I have been wearing these Nike Free Run 5.0sfor about a month now, and enjoying the feeling of being closer to the road. In retrospect, I'm grateful to whomever stole the two pairs of Asic shoes I had airing on my front porch. Dude, you must have been pretty desperate to want those old stinkers, and you gave me an excuse to try this more minimalist style of shoe. And I have to say, that bright colour doesn't look too bad, either.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last Day Of Work And On The Road

This relaxed looking fellow celebrated his final day of duty at CFB Suffield last Wednesday, July 24th, posing beside his Officers' Mess departing gift. It should hook nicely onto that shiny new red Kia SOUL (what else would a chaplain drive?) in the background. Just kidding, the 25pdr stayed behind, but I did get a nice framed print.
The final few days in Medicine Hat were a flurry of work as we got ready for the movers, who arrived on Monday to begin packing. For me the nerve wracking bit was getting my miniature collection - boxes of soldiers, models, and bits and pieces that clearly mystified the young Filipino guys who packed us. For Kay it was selecting the plants that she would take with her. The weekend before the packers arrived, we moved three unhappy kitties to their temporary home, the Calgary Cat Clinic, prior to their air adventure to join us in Ontario on the 10th. The three hour drive from Medicine Hat to Calgary with a chorus of unhappy, mutinous felines was enough to convince us that trying to drive the 3000 kilometres to Ontario with them would have been a disaster.

Here's the same car yesterday, packed with Kay's plants. Our personal possessions, such as they are, will go on the roof rack. Several friends have already commented on the portable grow-op, but if the guy from Breaking Bad can hide in plain view, I figure so can we. Who would ever suspect a mild manned chaplain and his lovely wife?

Our final view of our lovely old house in Medicine Hat. We were privileged to have three good years here.

So today we're on the road, and I'm writing this from Swift Current, Saskatchewan (200 kilometres down, 2800ish to go). Tonight we are guests of Curt (of Analogue Hobbies fame and his lovely bride Sarah. Looking forward to that very much. Thanks to all our social media friends for the good wishes for travelling mercies!
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